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Window Tinting Sydney

Window Tinting Sydney by Exclusive use the best materials and methods in the art of car window tinting. Window Tinting Sydney by Exclusive are innovators in a competitive industry and your first choice if you are after a high quality car tinting service.

Window Tinting Sydney by Exclusive

Provide the highest quality car tinting in Sydney and this is done at our garage location that’s clean and dust free so we can guarantee the finish product. We offer a home and office tinting service but we are usually booked up with cars from our loyal customers and dealer work that we put first. We also don’t tint trucks, machines, boats, tail lights, bike helmets and excavators.

Window Tinting Sydney has been providing car window tinting that is guaranteed not to bubble and turn purple like you see on 95% of the car’s driving around the streets of Sydney. We don’t leave any gaps on the top edge of the wind up windows and only one piece shrink all our rear windows and never splice them so there are no joins. We have 3 types of car tinting shades 35%, 15% and 5% they are the most popular shades.

Window Tinting Sydney by Exclusive are innovators in the world of car tinting, we brought flavor to the industry with unique websites that have video’s of our work on there so customers aren’t just looking at photo’s but of how the work is actually carried out. We have great reviews by people who have used our car tinting service and those people will never leave because of the high quality work and the passionate experience. If you want the best car window tinting in Sydney and don’t want your door trims removed or damaged call Window Tinting Sydney by Exclusive.

Window Tinting Reduces Heat and Glare, Increase Comfort

Working or relaxing in direct sunlight can have some negative affects. Continuous exposure to direct sunlight can cause fatigue, eye strain and loss of concentration. Our window tinting helps to correct temperature imbalances between direct sun and shade in Sydney. It can also deflect the harsh and unpleasant glare caused by the Sydney sun. We use only Johnson’s Window Film, who has been manufacturing window film for over 30 years.

Energy Efficient Window Tinting

When we install emissivity-insulating film, it can decrease heat loss by 80 percent. Window film not only acts to keep harmful rays out, it also helps to keep heat in. Likewise, in summer, window tinting reduces cooling costs by deflecting 80 percent of the sun’s heat. That adds up to big savings on your energy bill year round.

Window Tinting Prevents UV Damage

The rays of the sun have damaging UV rays that can fade everything in their path. Window tinting Sydney film blocks 99 percent of the sun’s damaging rays – protecting your drapes, furniture and carpeting from fading.

Car Window Tinting Sydney

Car Window Tinting Sydney provides solar protection, which can help keep your car cool, while protecting the interior of your car from fading.

Our car tinting also provides UV protection that can be useful in protecting you and your passengers from the damaging affects of the Sydney sun. Last but certainly not least, we use precision techniques to add a slicker, upscale look to your car’s appearance.

Mobile Window Tinting Sydney Service

Mobile window tinting Sydney service excludes European cars. All European cars must be brought to us due to having the right environment and providing the best outcome.

All other cars can be tinted via mobile providing you have a:

  • Double garage or bigger thats clean dust free
  • Power points for our tools
  • Excellent lighting

We offer a lifetime warranty on every installation because we stand behind our work.

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Byron Leung

Exclusive provides high quality products and delivers with superb craftsmanship. Honest and experienced, there is no fear of fluff when dealing with Exclusive. Not forgetting to mention friendly service with enthusiasm, George went an extra mile in sharing his experience and educating customers on product care for the future.

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