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Window Tinting Sydney team of professionals are highly trained in the latest window tinting techniques. We offer the best window tinting Sydney services for car, home and office across the Sydney area. Call us on 0406 862 650.

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Battery maintenance while we Tint or Detail your cars

Window Tinting Sydney Car, Home, Office, Mobile Tint

Window tinting is an art that we have mastered. We are the exemplar in the industry, using only the finest products and world-renowned installation techniques for your car window tinting, home window tinting, and office window tinting. With over 15 years of extensive experience providing Sydney NSW with the highest quality window film technology, protection, and service. We are highly rated by our return customers, our google reviews reflect our passion for window tinting.

Car Window Tinting Sydney Video – Exclusive Tints

Car Window Tinting 

Window tinting a car in Sydney’s climate is essential as it helps protect your car’s interior from the sun’s rays while preventing your skin from permanent sun damage. Ceramic tint technology reduces the extreme infrared heat from entering your car whilst improving aircon efficiency and allowing your vehicle to be more economical and safe for the environment…read more

Exclusive Window Tinting Sydney

Home Window Tinting 

Window tinting a home keeps your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter it is a cost-effective improvement as it modernizes the look of your home and saves you on your airconditioning bill all year round which will save our environment. Our latest residential tinting films block 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays which fade your floors and furnishings…read more

Office Window Tinting

Window tinting your office building will save you thousands on your yearly energy bills creating a comfortable working environment for your employees to enhance their performance. Tinted windows will also prevent computer glare, sun damage to expensive office equipment and furnishings…  read more

Mobile Window Tinting Sydney Requirement

Mobile tinting for cars is a service we offer people who can not get their car to one of our garage locations and can provide us with a clean indoor environment like a small warehouse space or empty double garage. This will ensure a better result.

Videos Of Our Work YouTube

We have many videos that are on YouTube displaying our passion better than pictures or words can to help customers visualize the many aspects that are essential in the art of window tinting & car detailing. These videos were designed to show the following: Ideal garage, lighting, dust-free environment, latest techniques, premium product, and passion!  watch more videos

Car Detailing Sydney Services

Car Detailing Sydney Page

Paint Protection, Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction

Car Detailing Sydney Interior Deep Clean

In these videos we show how we can get your cars interior looking and smelling like new again.

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Byron Leung

Exclusive provides high quality products and delivers with superb craftsmanship. Honest and experienced, there is no fear of fluff when dealing with Exclusive. Not forgetting to mention friendly service with enthusiasm, George went an extra mile in sharing his experience and educating customers on product care for the future.

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