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Car Tinting Otford

Window Tinting & Ceramic Coating Paint Protection packages with Paint Enhancement (light polish) or Paint Correction best Car Care at Exclusive Tint & Car Detailing Otford

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Exclusive Tint & Ceramic Coating Otford

We offer ceramic coating paint protection & tint packages along with a paint enhancement (light polish) or, if necessary, a paint correction. Each car is individually priced after inspection. The window tinting option that is chosen will also affect price; we offer Carbon, Carbon Ceramic, and Premium Nano Ceramic.

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Ceramic Paint Protection

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Car Window Tinting

Car Tint film improves the look of any car. Whether you need your front windows matched to your factory rear privacy glass, or the whole car transformed.

UV rays from the sun can quickly fade your interior or even crack your dashboard. Our quality car tint film blocks 99.9% of the UV rays coming through your windows, so you’re car is protected.

Many of our customers like the added privacy that car tint gives them. Whether you need to hide valuables, or just don’t want to drive you or your family around in a fish bowl, our vehicle window tint specialists can help protect your privacy.

If you’re looking for the maximum heat rejection and protection for your vehicle, there’s no better choice than our premium ceramic films. Think about it. New car prices are well over $100k for many models. Don’t cheap out on your tint. Give your investment the best protection possible.

The advantages of window tinting are endless. Whether you’re looking to maintain a more comfortable car or boost its exterior appearance, you can’t go wrong with state-of-the-art vehicle tint. contact Exclusive Tinting & Car Detailing.

We are a one-stop window tinting and car detailing service. We work out of our home garage at Stanhope Gardens that we have fully set up for tinting and detailing services.

Our car tinting Otford service has been around for many years and have built a good name in our competitive industry. We are so passionate about our car tinting and we strive to make all our customers happy with our high-quality work. All our car tinting films are made from high-quality materials from the US and they are backed with a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer.

Car Detailing Otford

We provide car detailing Otford services like Paint Protection, Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction, Interior Protection, Interior Shampoo, Car Cleaning. Check out our video and our car detailing page in the link provided.

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Our car window films have metal in them that helps them last longer than dyed films and block heat and glare by up to 80% and damaging UV rays by 99%. This will ensure protection for you and your cars interior.

Car Tinting in Otford with 100% satisfaction guarantee

If you are after quality tinted windows on your car you can be confident with the car tinting Otford experts. All our window films are from the US and we have many shades to choose from we even carry a few different brands to suit most budgets. We have taken car tinting to another level with our unique style of window film application. We are the first to add videos on our website so customers can see us in the art of car tinting.

Let our car tinting Otford video show you what we do.

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Byron Leung

Exclusive provides high quality products and delivers with superb craftsmanship. Honest and experienced, there is no fear of fluff when dealing with Exclusive. Not forgetting to mention friendly service with enthusiasm, George went an extra mile in sharing his experience and educating customers on product care for the future.

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