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Here are some reasons not to use automatic car washes:

Your paint will suffer from automatic car washes. The brushes can harm your car’s paint because they are rough and loaded with impurities. Touch-free car washes are much less likely to scratch your vehicle, but they still have the potential to damage your wax, sealant, or ceramic coating.

Various car washes (and how they might harm your vehicle)
brush-style traditional car washes

Traditional automatic car washes violently slap your car thanks to a post of rotating foam arms. You can easily transform a car wash into an automatic vehicle abuse device by adding soap and water.

The circumstances of an automatic car wash only increase the harm that these foam appendages alone can cause to your car. You may want to quickly clean up your car if it’s just a little bit dirty. However, the truck in front of you might have just dumped a metric ton of gravel and dirt into the woods during his off-road road trip.

Soft-touch (touchless) car washes

However, what about touchless car washes? (Note that I said touch-LESS rather than touch-free. There is a distinction!) This must be a superior, secure alternative, right? Because they are made of cloth, the brushes are also much softer and more flexible.

Wait a minute.
Undoubtedly, the cloth is softer than foam. Theoretically, it ought to cause less harm. It is correct logic, but it is also flawed. The dirt and grime from the previous cars are more likely to stick to the soft cloth. Because of this, the soft cloth bristles behave more like 240-grit sandpaper, leaving you with a bumper crop of scratches and swirl marks.

Touch-free car washes

The touch-free option must be the best choice if the two previous options are the same as packing your wash bucket with sand and gravel. Even though the touch-free car wash is less likely to physically harm your car, it still has disadvantages.
For instance, two things must occur to make up for the inability to touch your car physically. To start, the water pressure must be increased significantly in order to simply knock off any loose debris.

Second, in an effort to clean the car, harsh chemicals are employed in the hopes of dissolving the dust, dirt, and grime from the road. Additionally, the cleaning agents aren’t tailored to the surface being cleaned; for example, the soap used to clean the wheels is also used to clean the paint, vinyl, rubber, plastic, and glass.

There is a reason why businesses create particular products for the various parts of the vehicle. And the car wash can never completely remove at least one strip of dirt running down the side of the vehicle.
Rarely does the air dryer completely dry the car. To avoid the timer running out, you either move too quickly, or you move slowly enough that the back half of the car is still wet (which will inevitably dry and leave water spots all over the car).

Yes, you can quickly clean the car with a towel and drying aid, but there is a problem. You’re rubbing this dirt back into the paint, which results in, you guessed it, scratches and swirl marks, because the car wash didn’t completely clean your paint.

Has using a car wash for years scratched and dulled your paint? paint correction can usually make that right.
If your car needs a true paint correction, head over to our explaining paint correction page here.

Coin-operated car washes

You might think about using a coin-operated car wash. Allow me to remind you, if no one else has, to never use that disgusting brush that spits out colored soap! Everyone is aware of someone who has used that brush to clean their exhaust, wheels, or undercarriage.

It’s a rough bristle brush, and if that weren’t bad enough, it also contains a lot of contaminants from previous cars.
If all you’re missing at home is a pressure washer and a shade structure, however, the coin-operated car wash can be a respectable alternative. It offers both while enabling you to ensure that your car is carefully washed.

To avoid being asked to leave or upsetting other customers, proper etiquette must be observed in these settings. Always go when there are few to no customers present; if your 1-hour detail causes too many people a hardship, the owner will probably ask you to leave. Consider going at night or in the morning.

Only use the high-pressure wash and spot-free rinse settings, in my opinion. Bring your own buckets, soap, wash mitts, and microfiber towels if you prefer. Or you can bring it to us to get it done properly at Exclusive Tint & Car Detailing Sydney.

Compared to waxes and sealants, ceramic coatings are much more durable. However, a touch-free car wash is more likely to result in a buildup of chemicals on the ceramic coating’s surface than to remove it, even though it can still degrade the coating.

Touch-free car washes vs ceramic coating

Compared to waxes and sealants, ceramic coatings are much more durable. However, a touch-free car wash is more likely to result in a buildup of chemicals on the ceramic coating’s surface than to remove it, even though it can still degrade the coating.

In terms of car maintenance, this is one area where cutting corners now could end up saving you time, money, and hassles later on. If you must use an automatic car wash with your ceramic-coated vehicle, choose the less expensive touch-free model with no extras, with the exception of an optional undercarriage spray.

The best course of action is to take your car to the detailing shop where your ceramic coating paint protection was applied and have them routinely maintain it. If it requires a high-quality paint protection coating, we can help.

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