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Car Window Tinting

Exclusive Window Tinting Sydney has mastered the art of car window tinting and has shown the whole world how we do it through our amazing YouTube videos.

Car Window Tinting

Window tinting a car is the most important and inexpensive upgrade you can do as it helps save you and your interior from the suns damaging rays which can permanently fade your car’s interior. We use the best and latest car tinting films that we source from around the world to give our customers the best products for their car window tinting needs.

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Different Types Of Car Tinting Films

Dyed film

Is the most economical type of window-tinting film it is the least expensive and rather less functional than the others – blocks light rays by the addition of dye to the film; the dye is placed in a layer next to the adhesive, and then applied to the window. Solar heat is absorbed by the dye in the film, thus preventing some of the heat from entering through the window. However, dyed window-tinting film is used primarily for appearance. From the outside, dyed film looks flat and opaque, providing some privacy while still permitting visibility from the interior; when used on the windows of an automobile, it will appear black. The dye does tend to fade with time, however. The heat-reduction provided by most varieties of dyed film is not particularly high

Metallized Film

Metal film keeps heat away from interior space by reflecting it away; in the case of metallized film, this is done by very small metallic particles – invisible to the eye – embedded in the film. This metallic content strengthens the window as well; in the case of a vehicle, the window will be that much more shatter-resistant when a metallized film is used. Metallized window-tinting film creates a shiny appearance from the outside. It is more resistant to scratches than dyed film

Carbon Film

Carbon window-tinting film is dark and matte-finished, so it provides a tasteful option on windows. The carbon content of the film blocks about 40% of the infrared light (the kind that causes warmth) that enters through the windows. Carbon window tinting film is about as effective as other varieties in blocking heat; its use will effectively cool inside space while also helping prevent fading to upholstery. Thus the air conditioning will not need to work so hard to cool the space during the summer, nor will the heating system be so heavily impacted during the winter

Ceramic Film

Ceramic tint is the highest quality of window tint film, and also the most expensive, contains neither metal, dye, nor carbon, but instead a kind of ceramic particle that is both nonconductive and nonmetallic. Ceramic film has only recently appeared on the market but has already proven its worth in terms of performance and reliability. Ceramic window-tinting film cuts from 50% to 90% of the solar heat that enters through the windows in the form of infrared light while allowing maximum visibility both by day and night. Ceramic window-tinting film allows maximum efficiency in the functioning of radios, cell phones, GPS systems, and all other such devices being operated from inside the protected space. It surpasses the other types in its resistance to glare and fading and renders windows highly shatter-proof. Ceramic film is also most effective in its blocking of ultraviolet light from the interior; in the case of ultraviolet light (the kind of light rays that contribute to sunburn and skin cancer), a ceramic window-tinting film can block up to 99% from entering the interior.

Our Car Tinting Videos Speak Louder Than Words & Pictures

We have many videos that are on YouTube displaying our passion better than pictures and words can express to help customers visualize the many aspects that are essential in the art of car window tinting. These videos were designed to show the following: Ideal garage, lighting, dust-free environment, latest techniques, premium product, and passion! 

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