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Mobile Window Tinting Bligh Park

Window Tinting & Car Detailing Sydney Services.

Window Tinting Bligh Park & Car Detailing Sydney Services.

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We have been window tinting and car detailing Sydney for many years and are known as one of the best and highest rated in our industry. We use the best and latests methods and products to give you the best service. We have implemented videos of our actual work for customers to watch instead of look at pictures to see how we do what we love doing. Window Tinting & Car detailing is what we love to do and we get paid for it. There are many other people trying to offer these services but because they employ people the work isnt consistant. We only have one guy who does it all which you can be sure its done right the first time because he owns Exclusive and takes pride in it.

Car Detailing Sydney

We do car detailing Sydney services like Paint Protection, Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction, Interior Protection, Interior Shampoo, Car Cleaning

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All our films are made in the US and are backed by a manufacturer lifetime warranty so you can be sure you won't get those purple or bubbled tinted windows that you see on most cars on the road today. We are perfectionists and make sure every job is done right the first time. With many years of experience we use special techniques to get a high-quality tint job and also making sure we don't damage anything we are working on.

Window Tinting Protection

One of the reasons people choose to add window tinting is to control the negative effects of the sun such as heat, glare and UV fading. By reducing heat, window film can reduce A/C costs and increase comfort in your car, home and office. Glare reduction helps to improve visibility, and reduces eyestrain. Rejecting UV rays helps to protect your skin and eyes from damage and slows fading of interior furnishings.

Why use our services

  • Window Tinting in Bligh Park that's reliable
  • Car Detailing Services
  • Passionate and friendly service
  • High quality US materials
  • Years of experience
  • A name you can trust

Our mobile window tinting service offers you the flexibility of booking a time with us that suits you. Our professional window tinting team will come to you and complete your window tinting job. Satisfaction guaranteed.

If you want to protect your property from the sun's rays and heat whilst stopping the damage it does to your cars interior, you will need to use a quality window tinting film that has a high rating for the following heat, glare and UV rejection. Johnson Window film is what we use to tint our valued customers cars.

Our window tinters are passionate about their job. Tinting is an art that we have mastered and we want to show it off to you. Listed are the services we offer:

  • Car Detailing Bligh Park
  • Residential Tinting Bligh Park
  • Office Tinting Bligh Park

Our our window films are premium, high quality products direct from the USA

Exclusive Window Tinting is known for its quality service using only the best materials to tint your car, home or offices. We are proud of our name and are here for a long time so we use products that will last and not bubble or fade. All our solar window films are made in the US and the best there is on the market. You can be confident in your window tinting if our name is on it. There are so many cars on the road with bubbled or faded tinting on them this is because of cheap window films being used by places that don't care about the future. If you have a car, home or office and want your glass windows tinted look no further then the window tinting Bligh Park experts.

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Do you need tinting? Our team is standing by to provide you with a quote for a quality tinting job.

What our clients say

Byron Leung

Exclusive provides high quality products and delivers with superb craftsmanship. Honest and experienced, there is no fear of fluff when dealing with Exclusive. Not forgetting to mention friendly service with enthusiasm, George went an extra mile in sharing his experience and educating customers on product care for the future.

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