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Paint Correction Stages Explained

We actually do True Paint Corrections even on soft black paints this is a time-consuming process that we have mastered!

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Paint Correction Sydney Stages, “What is the difference between Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 paint correction, paint defect removal, or mechanical polishing?”

Polish technology is changing very quickly and using an abrasive polish does change the stages somewhat. A general breakdown of the three different stages is provided below.

Stage 1 Paint Correction or One-Step Paint Enhancement is the polishing of a paint job in one stage or step with only one polish and pad combination. This is for paint that is already in good condition with practically no visible swirls and little damage. Stage 1 or one-step machine polish finishes the paint with just a finishing polish and pad. A Ceramic Coating follows to protect the Paint.

Stage 2 Paint Correction is ​​suitable for cars with moderate swirl marks and light scratches and uses a combination of two polishes and pads. The first step is generally a cutting (grinding) polish or compound to remove imperfections such as swirls, light scratches, and other moderate paint imperfections. This is followed by a final polish and pad to further refine the finish by removing any damage or holograms left over from previous steps, followed by Ceramic Coating to protect the finish.

Stage 3 Paint Correction is ​​suitable for cars with heavy swirls, scratches, and other paint imperfections. It uses a combination of three abrasives and pads. You can also use wet sanding for heavy scratches. The first step is a heavy cutting compound with a heavy cutting pad to remove deeper swirl marks and scratches. The second step is a cutting grind and polishing pad to remove more swirl marks. Swirls, Work to a scratch, hologram-free finish, and apply a wax or lacquer seal to protect the painted surface.

The term paint correction should really only be used when these scratches have been professionally removed by a professional car detailer and not covered or filled with a putty-based product. It consists of removing small amounts of the clear coat or paint from a surface using an abrasive applied with a buffing machine and working to level the surface.

Cars are thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated prior to paint correction. Painted surfaces are properly washed and cleaned to remove loose dirt and debris. After the cleaning process, it is clayed with a special automotive clay bar that safely removes all adhered surface contaminants such as tar stains and industrial deposits.

It is important to remove these contaminants prior to the paint correction process. This is because if these contaminants loose and get caught on the polishing machine pad, they can quickly damage the surface. It also helps keep the surface super smooth. This allows the buffing machine to move freely over the surface, reducing the chance of cracking or snagging. After all, claying the paint helps you closely check the progress of the correction process by allowing you to see the true condition of the surface as you work.

Paint Correction Sydney

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